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Skycorp is proud to announce the hiring of Lieutenant General Steve Kwast (USAF ret) as Skycorp's CEO, effective January 3, 2023


Phison’s 8TB SSD Ready for Historic Liftoff After Earning NASA Certification 

With TRL-6 tests passed, lunar partners set for Moon Mission in 2023 

Phison Press Release


Skycorp Announces Lunar Datacenter Payload

Skycorp announces a partnership to develop a Lunar Datacenter Payload for Lonestar Data Holdings which will be delivered to the lunar surface by Intuitive Machines lunar lander

Skycorp's intelligent Space Systems Interface (iSSI) Flight Qualification Experiment (FQE) launched successfully on the NG-17 rocket to the International Space Station February 19th


iSSI FQE Arrives at the International Space Station

With funding from DIU, ISS National Lab and NASA SMD, Skycorp has delivered the Flight Qualification Experiment (FQE) for launch to the International Space Station in February 2022. The Flight Qualification Experiment will be hosted on the Space Station for 6 months, during which Skycorp's technology will be proven and tested to a Technology Readiness Level (TRL-7).


The intelligent Space Systems Interface is the robotic connector that enables modular payloads on the Orbital Logistics Vehicle. Skycorp's Flight Qualification Experiment will prove several key technologies from the International Space Station starting in February 2022.

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