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Orbital Logistics Vehicle

The Skycorp Orbital Logistics Vehicle ushers in a new age in satellite architecture. A space platform with a common interface bus allows customized payloads from third parties to be hosted in space. The OLV does for satellites what Open Compute did for data center design. 


The iSSI


The Intelligent Space Systems Interface is the backbone of the OLV architecture. Delivering a standard bus interface with power, connectivity, bandwidth and physical rigidity, iSSI enables flexible integration.

On-orbit Assembled


The Orbital Logistics Vehicle is launched in a protective container and assembled on-orbit at the International Space Station. This enables a lighter weight design while still protecting it from launch loads.

Modular Payloads


Skycorp's architecture enables the integration of modular payloads. Powered by the iSSI and Skycorp's software architecture, the OLV brings the benefits of modern cloud computing infrastructure to space vehicles.

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