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Building Credibility in Advaned Space Projects. Since its founding Skycorp has been involved in many advanced technology projects.  Skycorp gained one of the very first Space Act Agreements with NASA for the use of the International Space Station (ISS) in 1999.  Skycorp qualifed the first commercial payload used in the filming of a television commercial for Radio Shack in 2001.  Skycorp has since worked in an eclectic mix of projects, from an on orbit servicing system for Orbital Recovery Corporation, the restoration of lunar images from the NASA lunar orbiter program of the 1960's to the design of surface systems and lunar outposts with NASA.

Skycorp’s Founding Vision. Skycorp Incorporated was founded in 1998 to develop new technologies, new approaches, and reduced cost to the manufacture of spacecraft and space systems.  Bringing change to a mature industry such as aerospace is hard.  Most of the legacy aerospace sector is heavily influenced by government contracts and contracting practices and thus innovation is difficult, slow, and expensive.  Innovation has stagnated for most of the sector since the death of Howard Hughes in the 1970's.  New companies such as SpaceX have brought some significant and welcome changes to the industry, many of these changes harken back to Hughes, but more must be done if the commercial satellite industry is to remain competitive in comparison to the unfettered terrestrial communications industry.

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Change is never easy but with our two patents (6,491,256 and 6,945,500) and with a portfolio of technology that we have been quietly developing over the past decade we are poised to break out and take our processes and methods into the satellite world to build systems that otherwise could not be built.  To see what we have done in the past, please look at our past projects since our founding.  We are now embarking to capitalize on our progress to build the first satellites to service GEO Comsats and communications satellites for polar broadband.  Watch our progress in 2013 as we move forward in building the future!